Inspiring women to embrace mommyhood

Written by Ami Rougé (

Motherhood is under attack. We can speak of a successful globalization as the flaming arrows against blooming motherhood are coming from everywhere. Here are some selected pieces. Anywhere : Judgemental arrows when a  woman returns to work two months after her delivery. Turkey : pregnancy shaming from Ömer Turgul Inançer, a lawyer , philosopher and islamic  thinker who declared in 2013 that going out when you reach 7 months of pregnancy is immoral. Western countries : shaming while doing the most natural and selfless action : breastfeeding your baby when and where he or she needs it. Evangelic church : breastfeeding your child can be seen as a seductive attitude even when you cover your breast. People of good will : international programs to teach African women how to procreate less .  On the other hand :  natalists trying to force their diktat on women who do not want to have children.

I’ve suffered from mommyhood shaming from people who have chosen to despise me not only because I have 4 children but also because I have decided to consider career, degrees, making a lot of money, showing off etc. a loss because of the worth of being a stay at home mom.

What they think is fundamentally my weakness is actually my strengh. I want to share that abundance to encourage and inspire women (why not men ?) to consider the beauty of mommyhood in its variety, breadth and depth…all this for the sake of children.

Let’s share life together.

Ami Rougé  (